Wednesday, January 5, 2011

huh... it has been so so so long since my last post... like ahh miss my blog so much.. I'm in Kuantan already and I think things has been GOOD lately... The new year has kick in and I've a lot of new wishes that I hope I'll achieve by the end of 2011.. insyaallah...

Class has started and I think I'm going to be fine this sem in my class... I've 7 subjects for this sem and I hope that I'll do great with that 7 subjects!!! urghhh... Miss ema is still teaching me for BEL260 this sem.. adore her so much.. she's nice.. TRUST ME!!! then I have a new line of lecturers that is going to be teaching me this sem.. and the most excited part is en.Faez is teaching me this sem.. huhuhu... although I can't get along very well with him, but I have this felling that things going to be interesting...

I've wrote something about my class duriing BEL260 and miss ema love it very much. It is actually what I'm hoping from my classmates for this new year.. ngeee~

I didn't have chance to hang out with my fellow BFF in kuantan.. being so hectic handling my class and my house.. sorry ye kawan2 nanti free kita jumpe.. ngeee~

I think that's all for now.. I'll update more later ok..