Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can't sleep

arrrggghhh~ I  just can't sleep... my wisdom tooth is killing me so badly and it sucks! It is so sucks when you have tooth ache, like you can't do anything... I hate that kinda felling!!! so what to do when you can't sleep?? I went and have a visits at my video's collections, and all the sudden my hand clicked on the video about my previous assignments in Public speaking class last semester. It was a video that I've made for my speech to inform and it was about my closes friends in Kuantan.

When I watch the video tonight, I fell like crying... Why things lately do not seems like before... How all of us has changed and moved on with our own life now... although each and everyone of us had achieve something during this semester but yet still, why do things have to be this way. I hope that our friendship will last guys.. I'm really hoping on that...

aiyooo... my tooth seriously is sucking all my mood out... I've no mood to write anymore right now. I'll get back to you guys soon ok..


Tooth ache

Hye guys. I'm so so sleepy today because I didn't get enough sleep last night. My tooth hurt and the pain is killing me... arghhhhhh~ It's so painful ok!! So when I woke up this morning, I called my dentist and make an appointment to meet her today and she said that I can come over today . Plus it's time already for me to do my regular checkup at the dentist . It has been almost six month since my last visit to the dentist .

So after I had my breakfast,  went to the dental clinic. when I arrived at the clinic there were only one patient that is seeing the doctor today, so I registered my self at the counter and soon after that I meet the dentist already. After she had done an examination on what is happening inside my mouth, she looked and smile at me. she said that my wisdom tooth is growing, that's why mouth swollen.

so she gave me an anti-biotic and some pain killers so that I won't be in pain. By this monday if the pain is still killing me, I'm going to undergo a minor operation so that my wisdom tooth can grow easily without any pain.

The moral of the story today, hayoooo~ people, wisdom tooth if it's growing, you gonna be in pain ok... so prepare your self.. I already fell the pain people and serious shit I hate it.

chicken soup for lunch anyone??

Happy Teacher's day

Uwwww... It has been weeks since teacher's day past, and you know what only now I've the time to write a little something for my teachers.. miahahahah~ *kejam sangat kan...
Teacher's day is being celebrated every year here in Malaysia. It has been like a tradition for the people here. Teacher's day is a day to remeber all of the sacrifices that our tewacher's has made for us... So guys who was your FEV teacher during your school year?? I know all of you ought to have a teacher that is really close to you right. :D

For me during my school year. there were a list of teachers that I'm closed to, and they are:
  • Cikgu Hjh. Zaini
  • Cikgu sam
  • Cikgu marina
  • Cikgu rafidah
  • Cikgu chan
  • Cikgu ron 
Tasek 2
  • Cikgu ayu
  • Cikgu alley
  • Cikgu Hafizah
  • Cikgu Ros
  • Cikgu hadijah
MRSM mersing: 
  • Cikgu Ju
  • Cikgu Natra
  • Cikgu Latifa
  • Cikgu Sharifah
  • Mother Vie
  • Miss Shamal
  • Cikgu Normah
the list are my most closes teachers during the schooling time... but yet I still LOVE the others too.. miahahah~ ok lah Happy Teacher's day my Fabulous people. Hopefully I'll make you guys proud one day. Insyaallah.. :D

Jasa mu sentiasa dikenang....
Amallee ROSE

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Water for Elephant

Hye guys, how are you?? huh~ I went to watch Water for elephant yesterday at Cathay Ciniplex, City Square. When there with Aizat, actually the plan of going out yesterday was to have coffee with him at Starbuck. We didn't exactly planed to catch a movie just all the sudden we feel like watching one. :D

So we decided to watch Water For Elephant. A romantic LOVE story staring Robert Pattinson as Jacob Jankowski and Reese Wtherspoon as Marlena Rosenbluth. I really adore the movie so much!!! The two couple are so sweet... Although the storyline is a bit similar to Taitanic, but yet Water for Elephant is a must watch movie for those who love romantic movies. It is worth of every penny spent to watch the movie... If want to rate the movie I'll give 4 stars out of 5... :D

For more info about the movie, you guys can go to this link...

Seriously pergi  tengok this movie..

Monday, May 16, 2011

I just come to my sens that we can't always follow our heart, sometimes we need to tolerate with those people that we love... we will see what my decision is going to be.. soon...

Amallee rose 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011


My Beloved Classmates MC110

ok guys this is my classmates MC110 part 2A... We have been together since we were in semester 1 , a lot of ups and downs we had been gone through together as a class. Although most of the time we do quarel and fight among each other but that is the key to our close bonding now guys. Seriously I will miss you guys if anything odd to happen... LOVE YA ALL...


What happened?

If not mistaken, I've been updating my blogs for the past few days... but it seems that the post had disappear, what happened actually? what I can remember is, last night I tried to update my blog but I can't get the access to blogger due to some maintainer issue . Then early in the morning today, when I was reading some of my friends blog, I noticed that some of the posting in my blog are missing... I thought it was only for temporary, maybe it was the effect from the maintainer issue that blogger is having.. but till this noon, when I checked my blog again, yet the post still wasn't there... aiyooo pening kepala fikir apa jadi..

Anyway I'll update my blog again soon ok guys...
love ya..


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Friend

I miss writing so much, it has been a while since I shared a piece of story about what is happening in my life. Today I would like to write about a friend, an old friend that I've meet during "Kem cuti sains MRSM" when I was in form 4. He is a really nice quite person, so contra from who I am but yet he's one of the best friend that a person would really want to have.

This is my friend, his name is Afif. He is one of the few other friends that I knew during I was in MRSM. Pfft~ how I miss MRSM so much. Currently Afif is studying at UTM skudai and he has been here in Johor for almost 1 Year already.

Since the first day he came to Johor, I didn't get the chance to meet him due to my 'hectic' schedule. What a bad friend I am. :p but, 2 days before he went back to kulim kedah, I got the chance to meet him and ask him out for dinner. We went to banafe with Teera and then we spent sometimes loitering at Singgah Selalu.

Although I think he was a bit awkward meeting me after such along time since we meet face to face with each other, but I hope he had a great evening after all. Seriously if I was been given the chance to hangout with him again, I'll plan something interesting to do with him so that he'll enjoy it.

ok lah malas nak tulis dah. Penat sebab petang tadi I went out shopping.

p/s: seriously dude you are a good friend and I hope our friendship will last forever. :D


This year Malaysia is celebrating the 52-years of independence. Malaysia was officially declared as an independent country on Saturday, 31st of August 1957. The most interesting thing about Malaysia trying to get its independence was there was no one died during this journey. We achieve our independence with a lot of tolerance, comprehension and understanding between the people of the country form and the ruler that time, not like all the other Asian country such as Indonesia where there were so many deaths in their struggle to achieve their independence. Although our country is a multi racial country which has many unique races such Iban and Kadazan and the dominant races such as Malays, Indians and Chinese, but they had being working to gather to achieve our independence. But people nowadays especially teenagers have forgotten all about the hardship that our ancestors have to face just to get our independence. How they were fighting and struggle just to achieve our national independence. They are forgetting the most important history about our country that gives us the power to rule the country on our own without the help of other imperial powers. This is one of the most serious issues that our country is facing. But recently, statistics shows that not only they are forgetting about The History of our country, they are also forgetting about our Rukun Negara. What they have been doing or thinking until they forget the one of the most important things that a Malaysian should know. Have they lost their own national identity? Who is responsible in this situation?

Rukun Negara is one of the most important components for a country. Like our Rukun Negara, it was first being declared and written on the first day of our independence. In the Rukun Negara content all the important things that as Malaysian we should know. Our Rukun Negara is one of the most complete and had being approved world wide. Why is it people are forgetting about our History and Rukun Negara? Especially teenagers nowadays. Even though they don’t know the history about how Malaysia got its independence, but at least basics things such as our national songs and our Rukun Negara should always sticks in their head. If we still can remember what had happened in 2007, where our country was celebrating its 50th anniversary, the country was being shocked by tragic news where a Malaysian was insulting the National Song ‘Negaraku’ in the internet. Shockingly it was a Malaysian and he was only a teenagers that was braved enough to insult his own country. Why is this situation happening? The answer is simple; because he never learns about his own country’s history and he never understand deeply about the Rukun Negara. If he really understands about our Rukun Negara he wouldn’t do such things that he did.

That is why the Rukun Negara is really important for us Malaysian’s. We will understand more about our country if we really understand the history of our country and it’s Rukun Negara. Nowadays the teenagers are taking easy about this matter. They don’t even bother to know about it. From what I’ve read only about 35% of the teenagers in this country really knows and understand about the Rukun Negara. Where is the other 65%? Is it for them our Rukun Negara is just a piece of joke? That’s why nowadays we can see that many teenagers are involved in many social problems. Lacking of understanding about our Rukun Negara maybe one of the main reasons why this is happening. If they really understand what is stated in our Rukun Negara, they wouldn’t dare to do such things. It is already clearly stated in the Rukun Negara that as a Malaysian we should follow all the rules and regulation that has being stated in our country. That’s why if the teenagers in this country really put their heart and soul into the National Commandment many social problems that the teenagers are facing nowadays can be avoided. This has been one of the teenage angst in our country lately. Can you just imagine what will happen to the country in the next 15 years, where the teenager doesn’t even know what our Rukun Negara is? The country will lose its identity and the future leaders will be lacking of its own national identity. Every country needs it own Rukun Negara to ensure that the country runs smoothly.

To all the teenagers out there, I hope that you guys will always remember how important is the history of our country and the Rukun Negara and how it can help all of us to build up our identity as a true Malaysian. If we really understand about the Rukun Negara, we wouldn’t have the hearts to make shame of our country anymore. By understanding the Rukun Negara it could help the country to produce a community that will live in peace and harmony with a lot of tolerance to avoid misunderstanding in life. The Rukun Negara also will ensure the rights of each person that leave in Malaysia. As a Malaysian we have our own rights in this country. That’s why we should understand our Rukun Negara to ensure that we know what we should get from this country. We wouldn’t be discriminated if we really understand what is stated in our Rukun Negara. And for the teenagers out there if you guys really put all your soul and heart into the Rukun Negara, it will help you to become a person that is full of discipline and always follow all the rules that has being stated in this country. To ensure that Malaysia will always preserve its own identity, we as the teenagers and the future leaders in this country should know our history and Rukun Negara really well. If we do take serious consideration about this matter Malaysia will always have its own unique identity, and our country will be recognized all over the world. Teenagers in this country should play their roles in making this dream a reality.

Dedicated to my beloved country MALAYSIA...