Thursday, June 18, 2009


Lately I felt like I've being hunt by my past...
I don't know why...
and I felt so guilty....
I've tried to tell to all my best friends and close friends..
but I just can't speak it out...

Is it wrong if you are making changes I life?
Is it wrong to just leave your past behind?
If it's not a sin,
why am I feeling so guilty to my self?

All those people that I tried to forget,
kept stepping back into my life...
I just don't want to have anything to do with them,
and if I had done something wrong,
do come and see me...
and we settle this once and for all...
I don't want to feel uneasy with my self,
and please don't ruin my life again.

You guys have your own now right..
so buzz!!! of..

but please leave me alone...
I have a life now..
with all the people that I've cared so much with all my life..

p/s if you guys have any advice please help...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School back

Today was the first day of school..
after the mid tearm break...
everyone was so excited to tell what they did during the holiday..
but I was not really in the mood..
sbb penat kot tido lambat..
we got assembley today,
and guess what..

now my school ENGLISH COLLAGE..
are in the same line as SSP,MTD and MCKK...
we are a
cluster school now
*so jgn nk pandah rendah ekh...
then got a few exam papers..
and agak kecewa lah...
*jgn nk tny dpt ape..
p/s Botak(elyas) dah botak balik...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Let me start~
hari nie bangun jek dah tution~
then after that mimie called she needs my help to finish her NIE(mag)
ha~like it's already last minuet...
she suppose to send it on Monday..
and today it's Saturday already..
*nk x nk tolong jugak...
so around 6pm..
we meat at festive streat mall danga bay,
owh gosh!
Naseb baek botak pun nk tolong..
thx lah sbb jd model x berbayar ye botak..
then we finished around 9.45pm
after that kt org g kareoke...
lawak gile..
adew ke patut nyayi lagu dangdut...
then we went home..