Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aku tak Bodoh

Guys seriously you have to watch this movie 'AKU TAK BODOH' The title may sounds stupid, but yet the movie is really awesome... LIKE halllooooo I cried kot watching this movie, it's so touching.... Owh lupa pulak, I went to watch the movie today, ALONE!! (gilekan aku) hahahaha~

ok2 let me story a little bit about this movie lah guys....

This movie is about two family which is so different from each others but they share one thing in comment, they had neglected their children... ok that's all I'm gonna tell you guys... nk taw lebih??? you can open the movie portal to know more on the synopsis.... huhuhuh~

ok, now I'm gonna tell you guys what I gain from the movie... theee~

  • sometimes parents should gave their children some chances to try what they are passionate in. Likee HAllllooo mak ayah kita bukan selalunya betul!!! agree tak???
  • parents nowadays also should explain much more details about certain topics that their children ask... Or they will start to make their own assumptions...
  • plus parents nowadays should put their child as their main priority over their work. Children sometimes need the attention from their parents not their wealth!!! Harta tak bawa MATI oiiii!!! hahaha~
ok that's all I nak comment... You guys should really go and watch this movie.. SUMPAH it's worth every penny... hahahah~
The actor yang buat I menangis... huhuhu~

you guys can review the info on this page :

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